Essentials: The Must Have Items For Every Girl's Collection

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Bad Hair Day Save 

Every girl has had this day. It ain’t working and there isn’t enough dry shampoo in the world to make it work. That’s why you have to have a cute cap like this on hand. I picked this state pride hat because it’s cool gray color is a staple and goes with anything. Plus, I mean Roll Tide!

alabama ball cap

Tell me ‘bout some Tele-ties

A newly discovered essential for me, the tele-ties are cute and stylish but super functional! So much better than a plain hair tie. These ties do their job! They can keep up that high pony all day and when you take it down. NO CREASE! Amazing.


Coming in Clutch 

This clutch comes in CLUTCH. This item is so essential because of its size, convertibility, and because it’s adorable. It can be a wallet, small purse, or wristlet! Whatever you need, this clutch has got you girl!


Oh the amazing criss-cross tank! Dress it up or down this item is a perfect add for that top that cuts just a little too low or even wear it underneath a cute cardi or kimono. It comes in tons of colors and it’s only $10! So you’re gonna wanna click that pic and get you one....or 5!

Smoky Staple 

So you don’t have to be an expert to know that you need a good eye shadow pallet. But you have got to check out this pallet! For just $12, this pallet has matte and shimmer colors. Everything you need to turn your look from  Uh-Oh to Smoke Show!

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